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A Primer
A Pioneer
The Art of Eye Contact


Portable Tele-prompter

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For TV Show Anchoring


 Corporate Videos

Read your script / speech while looking directly into the

camera, by simply mounting our TELE-PROMPTER on the

shooting camera


Portable Speech Prompter (Presidential System)

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Click for a Demo Video

For Conference Speeches & Stage Compering

Read your speech / script off a thin transparent glass. The scrolling speech cannot be seen by your audience.

Anchor persons on the telly look you straight in the eye as they give you world news or make smart, 'well considered' observations on reality shows. Amazing feats of memory? No! Very simply, prompting technology at its best - the teleprompter.

Teleprompter’s have radically enhanced the ease on camera presentation style, as well as elevating it to new heights. And more recently, the teleprompter has even evolved into its new avatar which is more popular with the Heads of States not only in India but across the World.


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